Injectable wrinkle fillers can take years off your appearance and make you look younger within half an hour. Depending on the treatment, the rejuvenating effect can last anywhere from four months to over a year.wrinkle fillers that work

What Is A Wrinkle Filler?

The name says it all. It literally is filling up lines, creases or wrinkles with a substance to smooth that area out. There are various different substances that can be used, and we will review the best ones that can be used.

Apart from smoothing your skin from fine lines, this type of treatment can also be used for other purposes such as volumizing (i.e. plumping up or lifting) you lips or cheeks or jawline. Other uses involve rejuvenating aging hands.

While the procedure is fast, and much as easier than full blown cosmetic surgery; there are some drawbacks and potential side-effects. The main drawback being potential allergic reactions depending on the substance used. Another potential side-effect can be formation of tiny bumps under your skin, which might be temporary or in some cases permanent. It is therefore essential to talk this treatment through with a highly respected medical expert specialzing in wrinkle fillers.

Types Of Wrinkle Fillers That Work

There are countless of different types and brands which all use different ingredients, blends and therefore have different results, both in terms of visibility and duration. We’ll go into detail about which one is best for what type of wrinkle or line, and which one has been shown to work the best. But for now, here is a list of the different types (there are more, but we’re only including the ones shown to give you the best results):

  • Hyaluronic Acid
    • Juvederm
    • Perlane
    • Restylane
  •  Collagen
    • Evolence
    • Cosmoderm
    • Zyderm
  • Synthetic
    • Silicone
    • Radiesse
    • Sculptra
  • Autologous

Should You Consider This Treatment?

As we can see from the list above, there are plenty of wrinkle fillers that work. Some will work best for deep wrinkles, while others are less intensive and work best for fine lines. Something that is scary however is the potential side effects. We can’t stress enough the need to only receive this treatment from the best cosmetic surgeons specializing in this. While it might be tempting to save some money on a treatment, especially if you want to do this regularly, it’s best to pay a little more to reduce your risks.

You should always ensure your doctor is using only the highest quality sourced material, using sterile medical equipment and equally important, that the substance injected in your face is FDA-approved. All of these will minimise your risk, but unfortunately with this procedure, it is impossible to completely eliminate the risk of side-effects. However having said that, it is one of the least invasive and therefore risky anti aging procedures.

Case Study

Here’s a video showing a case study from a former model using this technique to keep looking young. The video compares this procedure to “airbrushing”, in that it takes away the imperfections from your face.

Wrinkle Fillers You Can Try At Home

It’s not necessary anymore to go see a surgeon as the video above shows. We’ve updated on our list of recommended wrinkle fillers and have reduced it to only one to avoid confusion. We used to recommend three, but one product kept on getting more results consistently so we only recommend RoC Deep Wrinkle Filler now.

RoC Deep Wrinkle Filler Review

RoC Deep Wrinkle Filler ReviewThis is by far the best wrinkle filler you can buy today. With over  784 customer reviews on Amazon, this is proven to work for people around the world. It instantly fills wrinkles and creases on your face and is shown to reduce deep wrinkles and even crow’s feet after using it for a month. The fact that this is a non-comedogenic, means it won’t clog pores and will leave your skin healthy unlike some other anti-aging creams. RoC has really pulled out all the stops with this clinically proven cream.

The combination of hyaluronic acid and Retinol is incredibly powerful, but bear in mind that while it’s advertised to give you immediate results, it may take a few weeks before you really see the effects.

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