We no longer recommend NuvaLift, not because it’s not a good product, but mostly because we found products that are cheaper and work better. Right now, our readers are getting the best results with Vitamin C Serums and Dead Sea Mud Masks.

When NuvaLift first came to our attention, we noticed it was incredibly popular with celebrities in Hollywood. My first question was “What makes Nuva Lift so special?”. In this NuvaLift review we’ll see what’s so special about it and whether it really is one of the best anti-aging products on the market right now.

NuvaLift is recommend by dermatologists and used by celebrities. This means a lot, but let’s look at the science for a second. Nuva Lift has active peptide ingredients which work deep into the skin to smooth over fine lines and wrinkles. NuvaLift does not contain any chemicals, or other harmful synthetic ingredients you find in many anti-wrinkle creams. Nuva Lift only contains natural ingredients, which means that all 21 powerful ingredients are 100% natural. This means that the skin cream is gentler and has no side-effects.

Usually we look at getting rid of wrinkles on your face, which we think is the most important function of any cream. But this product has also been shown to work on hands. What’s more, because the skin is thinner on your hands, it will actually take effect much more quickly. So when you decide to try this product, you should see results quicker on your hands than on your face. This is a nice bonus!

NuvaLift Anti-aging Complex Results

When we did some more research we found that the two ingredients causing these rapid results were Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. Vitamin C is a well known anti-aging product ingredient, since it’s very powerful when used topically and contains an abundance of powerful antioxidant. It also causes collagen to be produced, which is a protein that creates firmer skin. This combined with Hyaluronic Acid is a very powerful combination. Hyaluronic Acid helps erase wrinkles and repairs the skin creating the rejuvenating effect the product claims to have.

The company says that you should see noticeable results on your face within 2 weeks – which is astonishingly fast! We’ve seen user reviews that talk about results within days, but this will depend on the type of skin you have.

Having looked at many customer reviews of this anti aging cream, we’ve come away very impressed and eager to buy NuvaLift!

All in all, NuvaLift anti-aging cream is a powerful product and comes recommend by dermatologists, celebrities and users. We therefore recommend you try Nuva Lift yourself. We’ve managed to find a free trial from the official website, which you can access below:

NuvaLift Review