Tea Tree Oil can be found anywhere these days. In soaps, shampoos, and beauty products. It’s become a very popular ingredient, and we’d like to know why. Why is tea tree oil so powerful, and can it really be used to prevent wrinkles? We find out for you!tea tree oil wrinkles

What Is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree oil as the name suggests comes the leaves of a tea tree, also called the Melaleuca alternifolia if you want to get fancy. However, to make it confusing, the tea tree is not where normal tea comes from. In other words your black tea you might drink does not actually come from a tea tree. Tea tree oil has been used for various skin conditions for many years now, in particular for infections and rashes where it is applied topically.

So what’s so special about this oil? Well it is believed that the chemicals which constitute tea tree oil can fight bacteria and fungus, with antiseptic properties which can help in clearing up infections and other ailments of the skin. It is also said to reduce allergic skin reactions, which makes it a better alternative for those with sensitive skin. All of this lacks scientific evidence, but user reviews do seem encouraging. It doesn’t quite explain why it is being recommended for anti-aging reasons though. So let’s find out why it’s the must have product of the year, as the science websites we looked at don’t even mention these uses.

What is encourging however is that The School of Biomedical and Chemical Sciences at The University of Western Australia and the British Medical Journal have posted some encouraging findings about the disinfectant qualities and gentle nature of this oil, which is always good to hear when you are preparing to use it on your skin.

How Does It Get Rid Of Wrinkles?

Well, here we have some trouble. We’re not sure it does! Some people who have tried it swear by it, but there is no scientific evidence to back this up. Equally, lots of people who have tried it don’t see any results. So if you’re eager to test it out, you’ll have to let us know as we have very mixed feelings about this natural remedy.

It does seem to be more effective when used with some of our other more proven home remedies for wrinkles.

One thing to note however is that this should never be taken orally. It is strictly to be applied topically on the skin. You should also start off with a small area of skin, to ensure you’re not having an allergic reaction to it. So if you are going to use it, how much should you use? Again, lots more research needs to be done before we even recommend this herb, but most studies that have been done use products which have around a five to ten percent concentration, so this might be a good guide for you.

So what does work to prevent aging. While we clearly are unsure about using tea tree oil for face wrinkles, we are a lot more convinced about other herbal remedies such as coconut oil for wrinkles. These have been proven over many years, and many of our readers have had great results from using coconut oil.

Best Tea Tree Oil To Buy

It’s easy to be overwhelmed when searching for the best tea tree oil to buy. But like with most beauty products, independent user reviews are the best way to make the decision easier. We’ve reviewed some of the top tea tree oils on the market, and the conclusion was simple – as long as it’s natural and pure – it should work well for both wrinkles and many other skin conditions such as acne. But the best results (and highest rated by actual customers) is the 100% pure and Natural Radha Tea Tree Oil.

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Do note however that this is a powerful product, and will last you a long time. Therefore it’s recommended to always dilute this powerful essential oil before applying directly to your skin.