No one likes getting older, especially not when it means looking older. That’s exactly why we research the latest and best anti-aging remedies out there. However, sometimes, the best cure is right in front of you. For example, some of the natural ingredients you might use for cooking everyday have the potential to give you the same results as the expensive face and body creams you buy. Olive oil for wrinkles is one of these.

olive oil for wrinkles

Olive oil is unique in that it helps the skin retain moisture leading to softer skin. What’s more it can increase the elasticity of skin which leads to the reduction in fine line. So how does olive oil for skin care work?

  • It is full of vitamin E (a common ingredient in beauty creams) and vitamin A
  • Full of anti-oxidants such as polyphenols
  • Able to repair, regenerate and rejuvenate the skin
  • Full of important nutrients that fight off signs of aging
  • Full of oleic acid and polyphenols, again the usual ingredients in expensive creams
  • Scientific evidence (The Journal of Pathology) has provided evidence that vitamin E can fight free radicals, which leads to younger looking skin
  • Studies have shown that it can repair damaged skin, again leading to a reduction in fine lines.

How To Use This Treatment

Don’t overthink it. Get some high quality (and pure) olive oil and apply directly to the skin. Leave it on for a while and wash of with a good face cleanser afterwards. There are no set times, and you’ll need to find what works best for your skin. We do see best results from our research when done three times a week. But again, some people might see better results using this home remedy once a week or so.

A great time to apply this treatment is when removing make-up, since it’s a natural make-up remover. While it might seem odd at fist, the oil actually latches onto make-up if it is oil-based.

It is also recommended you buy an extra-virgin olive oil to prevent wrinkles. Literally the same bottle you can buy in the supermarket for salads and healthy cooking.

This cure will work for your face, arms, hands and anywhere else you want to get rid of wrinkles. Combining this with one of the day or night creams we recommend on this website will give you the best results, since a natural remedy tends to work slower and is not quite as powerful as a scientifically engineered cream.

As always, let us know how this works for you and what results you’ve seen using the tips in the article.

Want Even Better Results?

extra virgin olive oil for aging skinWhy settle for mediocre, if you can get the best. The best results can be obtained by mixing olive oil with different wrinkle reducing natural ingredients. One recommended mixture is olive oil and vitamin C serum, which we’ve reviewed on this website already. You can also mix it with jojoba oil or vitamin E oil for similar results. These can be applied at night (mix a teaspoon of the oils together) and leave overnight. Make sure you wash your face hands carefully the next day with hot and then cold water to cleanse the skin. If you have a caring partner, you could get them to massage the oil into your skin for better results.

From our research we found many testimonial about mixing olive oil with eggs, rose essential oil, avocado, tomatoes and honey. We’re not sure which one works best, as there is no scientific evidence to support any of these remedies. We do know that for every single ingredient there are people on the Internet shouting about how well this mixture has worked for them. Our advice is to try a few of these ingredients and see what happens.

The best solution will depend on your skin type, and in some instances one treatment will reduce wrinkles in one person, and give another person oily skin. While the next person to try it won’t see any results at all. That’s why we recommend combining natural remedies such as these with a highly rated cream to speed up the process and get the youngest looking skin possible. Good luck finding the best remedy for your skin!

Best Oils To Use

While it’s fine to use the one in your kitchen, things can get messy very quickly. If you’re looking for convenience, then try one of these highly rated Amazon products. Here’s out top three:

1. Dream Body Olive Oil

Dream Body Olive Oil Review128 happy customer reviews (at least most of them), it’s no wonder this is a top rates Amazon product. All three products listed here are great, so it’s purely based on personal preference. As long as you use a natural and high quality product, you’re good to go. It’s certainly better to use something like this then splashing oil on your face over the kitchen top.

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2. Olivella All Natural Virgin Olive Oil Moisturizer From Italy

At the time of writing this, there are 178 customer reviews, most of them positive, so I don’t think we need to add much more to this review! While it’s slightly more expensive, it’s still great value for getting those Phenolic antioxidants in a cleaner version that the kitchen bottle alternative.

3. Olive Body Oil

With 78 customer reviews and a relatively low price, this is a great product for those on a budget. Great for a massage oil alternative as well, which will heal skin at the same time.