Finally something new! … That’s exactly what we said when we read about BeePure NZ. Bee Pure does not have the same ingredient than all the other skin creams fighting for your attention. This one is different – very different. It’s been called “the celebrity secret to perfect skin”.

What’s in this cream?

The main ingredient which makes this skin cream so powerful is honey bee venom … that’s right it uses honey bee venom to give you smoother skin! Honey bee venom (also referred to as Apitoxin) contains 18 active substances (enzymes, proteins and peptides) which all work together to naturally rejuvenate your skin. This creates an effect of a smoother, more wrinkle-free skin. The peptides in the venom work to stimulate the facial muscles. This in effect causes increased circulation which leads to a firmer skin. What’s more all of this leads to incresed production of cortisone, collagen and elastin which are instrumental in reducing wrinkles on your skin.

BeePure NZ Review

These effects have apparently been researched and confirmed to work. We never heard of it, but when reviewing this further we noted that celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Kylie and Victoria Beckham have been using bee venom products to create a wrinkle free and firmer skin. The anti-ageing effects that BeePure NZ creates have also been featured in beauty magazines.

In addition to bee venom, Bee Pure also contains Manuka Honey (again from natural sources in New Zealand). This increases the anti-oxidant effect, which in turn boost the anti-wrinkle effect. This truly is a very interesting anti aging cream which certainly seems to work when investigating the science behind it. What’s more, the Manuka honey (a key ingredient in many herbal natural remedies) reduces inflammation and counters the effects from the venom. The result is almost immediate smoother skin and when using it consistently, you should start seeing wrinkles disappear or al least smooth out more.

For those who were worrying about the bees – the venom is extracted in a way that does not damage or hurt the bees we’ve been told.

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Does this really work?

We’re very excited about the product purely based on the science and the celebrities using bee venom as well to get fantastic results. The real test however is to look into some of the customer reviews on BeePure.

There are two ways you can use this skin cream:

  1. Apply as a normal skin cream
  2. Use as a face mask for optimal results

Both of these seem to work very well when reading customer testimonials.

People who have used Bee Pure NZ Bee Venom are seeing great results: smoother skin, reduced visibility of fine line and wrinkles, tighter skin and reduction in sun spots. These are just some of the benefits satisfied users are giving this cream credit for.

The website¬†claims it’s a natural alternative to Botox – which is a big claim to make, but believable! We decided to highly recommend this product due to the many positive customer reviews.

This is certainly a unique product that is wort testing out. We’ve arranged for you to be able to test this product for free below:

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